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"Reality, although a very persistent illusion,

         is the leading cause of stress" - Ted Cibik




                          T E D C I B I K . c o m






An executive/manager can have all the scholastic training from the best schools, but without developed skills in discipline and self-mastery, the stress of the moment can take over leading to disaster for all parties involved.


Dr. Ted is a gifted motivational speaker who delivers unforgettable presentations for conferences, keynotes, brown bag lunch programs and health care training. His programs and professional practice have helped many people achieve a sudden shift in consciousness that has radically changed their lives forever.


Targeted Stress Management Training


Interacting with the public, customer service, expectations of problem resolution and time constraints all are changing and challenging us to greater depths than ever before.

Dr. Ted can create a custom stress / communication program specifically tailored to your business model, your employee’s needs, and the work environment they operate in. Stress is truthfully more about ones own internal dialogue and interpretation rather than what someone says to you.

Working with Human Resource Professionals, Dr. Ted will create a transformational seminar specifically for your employees to learn about Stress, it dangers, and become more proactive in ones mental performance and health care.

Dr. Ted also works directly with executive management in high level performance driven intensives. This “Bottom Line” approach is a time-efficient way to deliver the necessary skills to successfully gain dominion over executives unique brand of stress and take charge of their mental longevity.

These transformational programs reduces adrenaline (fight or flight), improves sleep quality, increases arterial blood supply, immune function, and can even reduce pain. By developing enhanced mental acuity, not only is there less mental “fog”, but creativity soars and accidents are reduced. This “How To” program is cost-efficient and most importantly - effective.


One 4 hour seminar with abbreviated 2-hour version available
The ideal size for a class is between 8 and 20 participants.
Handouts and CDs are included.
Optional 2-hour follow-up; as follow-up session one to two weeks later is helpful for attendees, to deepen understanding and application of ideas.
For conference keynotes, conference breakout sessions, or programs requiring an overnight stay, please call for pricing.



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