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"Reality, although a very persistent illusion,

         is the leading cause of stress" - Ted Cibik




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Ted J Cibik, PhD, DMQ

Dr. Ted is a gifted motivational speaker who delivers unforgettable presentations for conferences and employee appreciation events. He inspires and motivates audiences with a direct, down-to-earth style that includes a healthy dose of dry humor, colorful analogies, with a deep understanding and empathy for how the human mind works. His programs and professional practice have helped many people achieve a sudden shift in consciousness that has radically changed their lives forever.

Dr. Cibik focuses attention on each client, recognizing that every individual has different needs and solutions for health issues. His interest in health and wellness techniques began at a very young age. Diagnosed at the young age of 4 with 'incurable asthma', young Ted was one of the 10 worst asthma cases that had ever been documented at this time.


Inner Strength:
In 1996, Inner Strength Health and Wellness Center was born on a peaceful hilltop in Western Pennsylvania. The center, creating using feng shui principals, is an exclusive retreat for people interested in overcoming chronic disease and illness as well as a resource and educational center for maintaining an optimal state of health. It also hosts some workshop and conference on it's beautiful 30 acres of wildflower meadows and woodlands.

Ted J. Cibik is the CEO of Inner Strength as well as chief naturopathic doctor and Chinese Medicine Physician. Patients come from all over the United States and Canada for his blend of naturopathic services with Chinese Medicine principals. He provides executive level coaching for individuals and corporate programs.

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