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"Reality, although a very persistent illusion,

         is the leading cause of stress" - Ted Cibik




                          T E D C I B I K . c o m






An executive/manager can have all the scholastic training from the best schools, but without developed skills in discipline and self-mastery, the stress of the moment can take over leading to disaster for all parties involved.


Dr. Ted is a gifted motivational speaker who delivers unforgettable presentations for conferences, keynotes, brown bag lunch programs and health care training. His programs and professional practice have helped many people achieve a sudden shift in consciousness that has radically changed their lives forever.


“Stress should be the number one health concern in United States today.

When one realizes all the insidious operatives that stress performs directly and indirectly within the body and mind, it is the single most important determinant, not your genes, in “awakening” pathology within the human body.”  Ted Cibik


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